It is safe to say that the history of massage goes back as long as there is a human being on earth. We experience the healing power of touch as babies, when our mother stroked our feet or stomach. The basic reflex of the sore spot is stroking, which soothes the pain, calms down and calms down.

The first records of massage come from the Far East, ancient China and India. Massage was treated there as a comprehensive therapy of the sick body and spirit.

It was also appreciated by the ancient Greeks, including Hippocrates, who recommended it in numerous diseases, or before or after sportsmen.

Similarly, ancient Rome, based on the experience of the Greeks, developed the art of massage for rituals. Roman baths offered massage and slaves were trained to do so.

During the Middle Ages, the beneficial effects of massage on the body and spirit were forgotten. It was not until the Renaissance that its source was returned to.

The period of World War II and immediately after it was a time of forgetting about the art of massage.

Modern times are rediscovering the important role of massage in human life, seeing in it both a healing method that is not only pleasant, but most of all effective.

History of massage

11 March 2022
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