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This massage is performed with bamboo sticks of various sizes. By application of pressure, it has a strong relaxing effect on deep tissues. Nervous tension is reduced and the body experiences regeneration and revitalization. Its effect is not limited only to this aspect. It is also visible on the tissue, which becomes nourished and elastic. It improves the lymphatic and venous systems and increases the elasticity of tendons and muscles.

Bamboo contains silicon, which has piezoelectric properties. By rubbing and rolling, an energy potential is created that gives a boost of energy.

The massage itself begins with and ends with a hand massage to prepare the tissue for rolling, kneading, rubbing, or patting with bamboo sticks.

When can this massage be beneficial?

  • in states of exhaustion
  • when feeling unwell
  • in case of worsening of the skin condition
  • for excessive stress
  • muscle pains
  • headaches
  • back pain

Bamboo massage

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