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If you want to increase the effectiveness of your employees, we recommend corporate massage.

It is aimed at people who do sedentary, intellectual work.

During the massage, the most stressed parts of the body are massaged: wrists, shoulders, neck and back.

Depending on the needs, the treatment time is from 10 to 20 minutes. An undoubted advantage of this massage is that it is performed at work, in clothes and without oils. The massage is performed in a place specially designed for this purpose, with candlelight, music and the smell of calming essential oils.

The benefits of an office massage are mutual, for both employer and employee:

  • removed fatigue and stress
  • reduced muscle tension
  • reduced risk of injury
  • reduced level of fatigue
  • oxygenated body cells
  • relaxation of stiff muscles and joints
  • improved concentration and creativity
  • increased work efficiency
  • friendly employer image, attracting the best employees

Investment in the employee, in his health, and prevention in a broad sense reduces health care costs. At the same time, it increases job satisfaction and effectiveness. The good health of your employee has a direct impact on your success, and the success of your company..


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