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This oriental massage and has its origins in Thailand and Indonesia. It is performed with a cotton cloth filled with a special mixture of herbs such as cardamom, coffee, rice, cocoa, lemon balm, cinnamon, lemongrass, cloves , and orange peel.

The stamps are disposable, so after the treatment, they are thrown away. This massage is performed after heating up the stamps. Thanks to the increased temperature, aromas and active substances are released, therefore you should not take a shower after the treatment.

The massage is performed on peanut oil, in which the stamps are previously soaked.  After the treatment the skin is optimally moisturized and lubricated, it regains its proper firmness and healthy color.

For whom the massage with herbal stamps is recommended:

  • people who are overtired, overworked and living in a state of constant tension

  •  those suffering from muscular or rheumatic pains

  • those who want to reduce cellulite or lose weight as the treatment speeds up the metabolic process

  • recommended as a way to strengthen the immune system and nourish the skin.

Herbal Stamp Massage

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