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It is a type of relaxing massage combined with heat, essential oils and shea butter embedded in a cosmetic candle. After such a treatment the skin is well-circulated, fragrant, soft, and radiates with brightness. It is especially recommended for people with allergies due to the natural ingredients contained in the candle. Among them are shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and natural essential oils.

This candle does not contain parabens or synthetic ingredients. It can be said that this massage, apart from relaxation benefits, also has a strong cosmetic effect. The ingredients contained in this candle make the skin nourished, elastic, firm, moisturized, and silky smooth.

For whom a hot candle massage is recommended:

  •  tiredness and bad mood
  • stress
  • cellulite and stretch marks
  • dry, tired and dehydrated skin

Aromatherapy massage with candle

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