The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate muscles and nerves. It is used in medical therapies and for body shaping and firming.

It is performed with the use of a special device. Electrodes are fixed on the patient's body in places where nerves penetrate into the muscle. The electrical current, which has a low frequency, induces muscle contraction that occurs during physical exercises.

This method is most often used in rehabilitation to save the damaged muscle - after paralysis or paresis of flaccid type.

It is also used in aesthetic medicine for body shaping, cellulite elimination, and fat tissue reduction.


It is a pneumatic, compression massage. Controlled pressure is exerted on the patient's body using special cuffs with compressed air. Such stimulation improves the circulation of body fluids, which in turn influences the acceleration of metabolism.

Thanks to this method, oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the tissues, and unnecessary by-products of metabolism are eliminated. Toxins and excess water are removed from the body, swelling is reduced.

This is one of the best methods of anti-cellulite treatment. It is also used in the prevention of venous thromboembolism, and lymphatic and venous insufficiency.

Masaż wibracyjny – Aquavibron

It is a type of therapeutic massage. It consists of massaging the body with a device called aquavibron. The device used for this treatment consists of a tube ending with a rubber vibrating head. This device works by making water flow under pressure, which causes the rubber membrane to vibrate.

This massage relaxes muscles, improves circulation, and relieves pain.

For whom the vibration massage may be beneficial:

It is recommended primarily for rheumatism, arthritis, degenerative conditions, discopathy, nervous system diseases, stress, depression, periodontitis, muscle pain, contractures, intercostal pain, frostbite, bedsores, nocturnal wetting and numbness of the limbs.-

  • multiple sclerosis
  • mental disorders
  • skin anesthesia
  • headaches
  • bedsores
  • tissue rehabilitation after mastectomy



This oriental massage and has its origins in Thailand and Indonesia. It is performed with a cotton cloth filled with a special mixture of herbs such as cardamom, coffee, rice, cocoa, lemon balm, cinnamon, lemongrass, cloves , and orange peel.

The stamps are disposable, so after the treatment, they are thrown away. This massage is performed after heating up the stamps. Thanks to the increased temperature, aromas and active substances are released, therefore you should not take a shower after the treatment.

The massage is performed on peanut oil, in which the stamps are previously soaked.  After the treatment the skin is optimally moisturized and lubricated, it regains its proper firmness and healthy color.

For whom the massage with herbal stamps is recommended:

  • people who are overtired, overworked and living in a state of constant tension

  •  those suffering from muscular or rheumatic pains

  • those who want to reduce cellulite or lose weight as the treatment speeds up the metabolic process

  • recommended as a way to strengthen the immune system and nourish the skin.

It is recommended for:

tired and stressed people,

people who struggle with water retaining in the body and with lymphoedema

those who want to improve their well-being

dry, sensitive skin in need of nourishment and regeneration

Foot reflexology is a wonderful way to achieve homoestasis and balance throughout the body.

It is based on gentle pressure on the receptors on the feet that correspond to the relevant organs in our body.

In combination with a relaxing massage, it introduces the body into a state of deep relaxation and tranquility, thanks to which it activates self-healing processes.

- effectively eliminates stress and tension
- improves the work of the bloodstream
- calms the nervous system
- eliminates pain
It brings the body to balance and balance

The procedure takes about 45 minutes

Indian head massage originates from Ayurveda, a traditional medicine practiced in India for many years.

The massage itself removes tension in the neck, shoulders and nape. It brings deep physical relaxation.

It is performed on the quadriceps shaft, the neck, and the head, and its ritual is completed with a face massage.

Used regularly, it strengthens the muscles, scalp, and hair. It relieves pain and migraine, eliminates insomnia, and reduces the effects of stress.

The head massage techniques are performed in a sitting position.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your employees, we recommend corporate massage.

It is aimed at people who do sedentary, intellectual work.

During the massage, the most stressed parts of the body are massaged: wrists, shoulders, neck and back.

Depending on the needs, the treatment time is from 10 to 20 minutes. An undoubted advantage of this massage is that it is performed at work, in clothes and without oils. The massage is performed in a place specially designed for this purpose, with candlelight, music and the smell of calming essential oils.

The benefits of an office massage are mutual, for both employer and employee:

  • removed fatigue and stress
  • reduced muscle tension
  • reduced risk of injury
  • reduced level of fatigue
  • oxygenated body cells
  • relaxation of stiff muscles and joints
  • improved concentration and creativity
  • increased work efficiency
  • friendly employer image, attracting the best employees

Investment in the employee, in his health, and prevention in a broad sense reduces health care costs. At the same time, it increases job satisfaction and effectiveness. The good health of your employee has a direct impact on your success, and the success of your company..


Body treatments 

zabiegi na ciało
zabiegi na ciało
zabiegi na ciało

This massage is performed with heated basalt stones. These volcanic stones are perfectly, naturally polished by sea waves and very pleasant to touch. They are of volcanic origin, mostly from the area of Hawaii and Bali. This treatment consists of placing heated stones on the body after a prior massage. The arrangement of stones itself is not accidental, it is consistent with Chinese and Indian medicine. According to it, we have a system of energy points and connecting channels in the body, which are called meridians.

The stones are arranged according to the map of chakras and meridians connecting them. The purpose of this massage is to stimulate the flow of energy and unblock chakras that are not functioning properly. The heat of the stones penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. This has a relaxing effect, eliminates stress and tiredness, restores harmony in the body, and accelerates blood and lymph circulation, which leads to fighting cellulite.

Hot stone massage - indications:

  • general exhaustion of the body
  • chronic states of stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • sleep disorders
  • post-stroke states
  • muscle pains
  • certain cardiovascular diseases
  • Reynaud's disease
  • constipation
  • sciatica and radicular pain
  • rheumatic diseases
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • injuries within the central nervous system
  • obesity
  • period of convalescence after past illnesses

Hot stone massage

Masaż gorącymi kamieniami

As the name suggests, it is a massage that aims to put the body and soul in a state of relaxation, tranquility, indulgence and bliss. The techniques used in this treatment are derived from classical massage, with the exception of those movements that are stimulating, such as energetic massaging and transverse friction massage..

The masseur performs slow, calm movements. A large role is played by the surroundings - essential oils, light, sometimes silence, or soft music.

This massage is a form and method of relieving excessive psychophysical tension or stress. Stimuli to which we are exposed every day affect us adversely. Regular relaxing massages release tension, relieve tiredness and relax. It is a therapy for the body and soul. All baggage of experiences and triggers is taken away, and we leave the office feeling lighter, relaxed and refreshed.

Who is the relaxing massage for:

  • - for people who struggle with such ailments as insomnia, lack of energy, chronic tiredness, long-term stress, feeling of muscle tension, and nervous hyperactivity.As the name suggests, it is a massage that aims to put the body and soul in a state of relaxation, tranquility, indulgence and bliss. The techniques used in this treatment are derived from classical massage, with the exception of those movements that are stimulating, such as energetic massaging and transverse friction massage.

Sports massage should be an integral part of every athlete's training. Its task is to prevent injuries and soreness, it eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms up, and relaxes.

Among sports massage we distinguish several types of massage:

  • Pre-exercise sports massage - which prepares the body for greater physical effort.

  • Interval sports massage - which is used during breaks in competitions to keep muscles warmed up.

  •  Post-workout, post-training massage - its purpose is to regenerate muscles faster after an intense sports effort.

In sports massage, classical massage techniques are performed as well as other forms of therapeutic treatment such as elements of isometric massage, deep or relaxation massage and trigger point therapy.

Sports massage - indications:

  • Warming up the muscles,

  • Removing tiredness from muscles and the whole body,

  • Acceleration of blood and lymph circulation,

  • Avoiding injuries,

  • Muscle relaxation,

  • Improving the supply of nutrients to muscles,

  • Improving metabolism,

  • Eliminating the effects of overtraining;


  • Active cancer diagnosisOsteoporoza,

  • Osteoporosis,

  • Hemorrhages,

  • Acute inflammatory conditions,

  •  Skin diseases,

  • Hypertension,

  • Infectious diseases,

  • Peptic ulcer disease with massive bleeding,

  • General malaise of the patient.


Relaxing massage

Sports massage

Masaż relaksacyjny
Masaż relaksacyjny

It is the most popular form of massage and most often used for therapeutic purposes. It includes both the whole body and its individual parts.

Depending on the techniques used and the amount of pressure, this massage can stimulate, relax or calm down. This type of massage has a multi-faceted effect. It reaches many areas - it stimulates blood circulation, strengthens muscle tissue, and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. It has a good impact on the nervous system and accelerates metabolism. For therapeutic purposes, it is mostly used in degenerative and rheumatic problems, inflammation of muscles, joints and tendons, poor posture, or problems with the spine

Classical massage

masaż klasyczny
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Masaż stemplami ziołowymi

Herbal Stamp Massage

Masaż gorącą czekoladą

Chocolate contains many beneficial properties for our body. Not only is it an aphrodisiac, but also contains valuable ingredients such as B group vitamins, vitamin A and E (which belongs to the strong antioxidants), magnesium, and beneficial lipids. It is also a source of polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants and their task is to eliminate free radicals.  Thanks to this, the massage has rejuvenating, smoothing and firming properties.

The treatment is a mixture of dark and white chocolate with a combination of essential oils - usually orange or lemon. After the massage, the body is wrapped in foil and covered with a blanket. After about 15 minutes the foil is unwrapped and the chocolate is washed away.

Visible effects of this massage are mainly nourishment of the skin, and improvement of elasticity and color. The balance between body and mind is restored through the use of chocolate and fragrances, with which the room is filled. The client experiences an improvement in mood and a feeling of deep relaxation.

We can confidently say that this massage is a real feast for the body and senses.

This massage is suitable for the treatment of:

  • obesity and excess body fat
  • a drop in energy levels
  • nervous tension
  • deterioration of mood
  • pains in muscles and joints
  • stress
  • cellulite


Hot chocolate massage

masaż miodem

It is a type of cleansing and detoxifying massage. It originates in Eastern Europe but it was also used in China and Tibet. On the Polish ground, its proponent was a monk Father Klimuszko, an expert in herbalism and natural methods supporting our health.

Of all massages, it is one of the most purifying and capable of removing unnecessary toxins, all due to the properties of honey. Key to this treatment is a technique called "hand stripping", which allows the layers of the skin to split, thus improving circulation and nutrition.

The massage is performed with heated honey. While performed, you can see how the honey changes its consistency under the influence of toxins in the body. In healthy areas, the honey is absorbed, while in more congested areas a dirty, greasy substance comes out. Of course, any massage removes toxins, but in the case of other massages, they are removed by the internal organs, while in this case they are removed by the skin. This treatment works better than a sauna or a scrub, it opens the skin pores.

As we can observe, honey has many health properties and it is certainly advisable for people who often suffer from upper respiratory tract diseases. The best type of honey for such treatments is linden or buckwheat honey, with which the chest and back are massaged.

The massage itself is not very pleasant. It is performed on the verge of pain because the technique of "tearing the hands" used gives the sensation of pulling the skin or slight pinching. This technique causes the top layer of tissues to be pulled upwards.

The massage with honey can help with:

  • cellulite,
  • a bad skin condition,
  • depression,
  • neurosis,
  • nicotine withdrawal,
  • lymphatic stasis,
  • insomnia,
  • colds (gives immediate results),
  • boosting the immune system,
  • obesity,
  • muscle and joint pain,
  • muscle stiffness,
  • hypertension

This massage is performed with bamboo sticks of various sizes. By application of pressure, it has a strong relaxing effect on deep tissues. Nervous tension is reduced and the body experiences regeneration and revitalization. Its effect is not limited only to this aspect. It is also visible on the tissue, which becomes nourished and elastic. It improves the lymphatic and venous systems and increases the elasticity of tendons and muscles.

Bamboo contains silicon, which has piezoelectric properties. By rubbing and rolling, an energy potential is created that gives a boost of energy.

The massage itself begins with and ends with a hand massage to prepare the tissue for rolling, kneading, rubbing, or patting with bamboo sticks.

When can this massage be beneficial?

  • in states of exhaustion
  • when feeling unwell
  • in case of worsening of the skin condition
  • for excessive stress
  • muscle pains
  • headaches
  • back pain

Massage with honey

Bamboo massage

Masaż świecą aromaterapeutyczną

It is a type of relaxing massage combined with heat, essential oils and shea butter embedded in a cosmetic candle. After such a treatment the skin is well-circulated, fragrant, soft, and radiates with brightness. It is especially recommended for people with allergies due to the natural ingredients contained in the candle. Among them are shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and natural essential oils.

This candle does not contain parabens or synthetic ingredients. It can be said that this massage, apart from relaxation benefits, also has a strong cosmetic effect. The ingredients contained in this candle make the skin nourished, elastic, firm, moisturized, and silky smooth.

For whom a hot candle massage is recommended:

  •  tiredness and bad mood
  • stress
  • cellulite and stretch marks
  • dry, tired and dehydrated skin

Face, neck and décolleté massage

Masaż liftingujący twarzy, szyi i dekoltu

It is a type of cosmetic, relaxing and lifting massage. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, improves its color, smoothes, reduces fine wrinkles, and makes it more elastic. It reduces lymphatic swelling and puffiness. It alleviates headaches, reduces muscle tension, and relaxes facial muscles. The effects are visible already after the first massage. The skin becomes firm, and the complexion brightens. Used regularly, it slows down the aging process.

This treatment includes not only the face, but also the neck, neckline, shoulders, and arms, meaning all the areas where tension accumulates.

For whom the lifting massage can be beneficial:

  • stressful lifestyle
  • lymphedema
  • grayish, dull skin
  • dry skin without elasticity
  • excessive tension of facial musclesIt

Aromatherapy massage with candle

Face and head reflexology

Masaż hawajski Lomi Lomi

Face and head reflexology is a holistic treatment derived from Far Eastern medicine.

It is a procedure designed to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. It has a salutary effect on the emotional, mental and physical spheres.

It helps in the treatment of depression, neurosis, insomnia, conditions of chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, and tension localized around the nape and neck.

It also has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, has a lifting effect, and improves the skin tone. Regular undergoing facial and head reflexology treatments brings the body

to harmony and energy balance.

We cordially invite you to sign up !!!

The treatment time is about 60 minutes

Chinese cupping massage with elements of lymphatic drainage

Masaż bańką chińską

This is an anti-cellulite and body shaping treatment. Its task is to firm the skin, eliminate cellulite and support the burning of excess fatty tissue.

The first stage of the massage is to prepare the tissue by manual massage and then using a cup. The cup is sucked onto the skin and with movements that are appropriate to the techniques of this massage, we work out the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. The massage is performed in the direction of the lymph nodes. In order to increase its effectiveness, it should be performed in a series (10-20 treatments) with intervals of 2 - 3 days.

After the cup massage, the second phase of the treatment takes place - body wrapping. The body is coated with serum and then wrapped with cosmetic foil. The second stage lasts about 15 - 20 minutes.

During this massage, lipids are broken down. Excess water and toxins are also removed from the tissues. Microcirculation is stimulated, and as a result, cellulite is reduced to a minimum. The skin becomes smooth. Swellings become smaller, and circulation and lymphatic system activity are improved. This massage works as lymphatic drainage.

Chinese cup massage is intended for people who want to:

  •  reduce cellulite (at any stage)
  • boost metabolism
  • improve blood circulation
  • get rid of unnecessary toxic substances
  • reduce back pain
  • reduce muscle tension

Hand reflexology

Foot reflexology

Indian head massage 

Corporate massage

Masaż misami kokosowymi
Masaż misami kokosowymi
Masaż misami kokosowymi
Masaż misami kokosowymi
Masaż bambusowy
Masaż misami kokosowymi

Our New !!!

Belviso lifting face massage !!! What is Belviso? It is an advanced art of massage that works on the deep layers of the skin, muscles and fascia. It is a non-invasive alternative to "aggressive" aesthetic medicine treatments. It is characterized by a multitude of techniques, manual and instrument work.

It consists of several stages, such as:

  • make-up removal
  • relaxation
  • head release
  • lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and décolleté
  • manual and instrument facelift (bamboo sticks, Chinese bubble)
  • energy mute

Thanks to regular Belviso treatments:

  • you will reduce the muscle tension that causes mimic wrinkles
  • you will prevent or reduce the effects of skin aging
  • you cleanse the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells
  • you will reduce excessive tension in the neck and chest area

Health effects of Belviso:

  • stress reduction
  • headache relief
  • elimination of bruxism and its consequences

The procedure takes about 1.5 hours

Belviso massage