• Myth1 - Massage must hurt

Well no! Correctly performed massage should not hurt. A patient who comes to the office with pain cannot leave it in a worse condition than he came in.


  • Myth 2 - I am naked during the massage

The patient lies in the laundry and is covered with a towel, and only a large part is discovered.


  • Myth 3 - Every massage is the same

No - the world of massage is so wide and rich, that we can distinguish in it a lot of births, starting with spas, sports, women and people who are relaxing.


  • Myth 4 - One massage is enough

To be able to talk about the effects of massage is not enough 1 run. Regularity in this case works to our advantage. If you want to achieve a proper healing effect, there is a series of at least 10 massages.

We debunk the myths:

08 March 2022
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